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Jeff's Interest in music began at the age of 14, after he purchased his first electric guitar. Never having any formal guitar lessons, he began to teach himself how to play with an Alfred's guitar lesson book set. Growing up on Long Island in Kings Park, NY, there never seemed to be a shortage of guitar players and garage bands in the 1970's.

Most of his music knowledge began at Kings Park High School after he was picked by Mr. Barney, the musical director as the guitar player for the HS jazz band. Eventually he formed a three - piece rock band called Zodiac, as a bass guitar player.

From the very beginning, Jeff has always perceived playing an instrument as an art form. Improvising on his guitar and composing music has always been his passion. During the years after leaving the band,his marriage to Marie, in 1979 and having 2 children, Stephanie and Craig, his time playing guitar was focused mainly on playing Jam sessions with friends and writing songs.

After retiring from the post office in 2014, he decided to put together a live music act composed of solo improvised  guitar music playing against diverse styles of pre-recorded music. Thanks to a very supportive family, Classic Jam 1 was born.   

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